Island Guide

Here's some useful information about how to get the most
out of your visit to Little Corn Island, Sunshine Hotel

Many major airlines serve Managua’s international airport, including: American, Copa, Delta, Spirit, Avianca/Taca, United, Aero Mexico, and Nature Air. While planning your trip to Little Corn, besides your international flight, you will also want to reserve in advance with La Costeña airlines for your flight to Big Corn island…. READ MORE


Island Power

Little Corn Island is a remote place, and power is provided locally by a single, 500kw diesel generator. A quirk of the island is that it runs 17 hours a day, from 1pm to 6am, and that also can vary sometimes depending on fuel resupply and maintenance. But don’t worry, there’s so much to do outside of your room, that you’ll find that the hours that it’s off will have minimum impact on your stay. If you need to charge your phone or laptop during off hours, our upstairs lounge/cafe has back-up power that is on for 24 hours/day. WiFi is also on 24 hours as well. And nearby Tranquilo Cafe is solar powered, and offers free charging stations throughout the restaurant and bar, during all business hours.
Update: As of May 2017 Sunshine invested in solar power and back-up, and now provides 24 hour power for lights, fans, and charging in our Queen rooms as well as the upstairs cafe and lounge area during hours that power is off on the rest of the island. We care about our guests comfort, and we listened to your feedback. We’re working on expanding full time power to the rest of our rooms in the near future. Most other hotels on the island still provide power only when the island generator is running from 1pm to 6am, so it’s good to check before you you make your reservations if that matters to you.



Free Wi-Fi internet is available to all guests at Sunshine Hotel, in all rooms as well as the reception and cafe areas. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly for such a remote location, the island does have access to the outside world… most of the time. Keep in mind that because of the island’s remote location, internet access and speeds on the Corn Islands can vary a bit, subject to power and local provider availability (ie: it’s sometimes not available, and not always super fast). One perk of staying at Sunshine is that we use backup battery power for the WiFi system, so it’s on even when island power isn’t. Sunshine is one of the only hotels on Little Corn that provide 24 hour, full property WiFi. (The others cost more than $200 a night)

Weather on Little Corn Island

We’re in the Caribbean, and like the rest of it, the weather on Little Corn is usually AMAZINGly sunny (bring sunscreen!), and often fairly breezy. The sunniest months of the year are usually mid-January thru September, when we rarely have any lingering precipitation. Rainy season generally begins in May, but that usually means occasional daily showers vs full rainy days, just like Florida, and the rest of the Caribbean. October and November are typically the months with a bit more rain, but still have plenty of sunny days as well.  That two month period is also the peak of the Caribbean hurricane season, but fortunately Little Corn has only experienced two hurricanes in over 28 years, and we are not in the typical northern Caribbean hurricane “lanes”, so the odds are pretty against one during your stay, even in those months. On the rare days when we get the occasional passing squalls, you’ll find Little Corn is also a great place to catch up on hammock time, reading that epic novel, and socializing in the local cafes. We wish you the fairest skies and seas on your trip!

  Stuff to bring:

  • As mentioned above, plenty of sunscreen!
  • Some pathways here at night are dark, so a good flashlight/torch or headlamp.
  • If it’s rainy season, mosquito repellant with Deet in it, and a light poncho.
  • Sandals and good hiking shoes. A couple of swimsuits, and very little clothing. Oh yes, and sunglasses!
  • A reusable water bottle is a great idea to help preserve our delicate environment by reducing trash.  Sunshine Hotel offers free purified water refills to all guests, as does our neighbor, Tranquilo Cafe.
  • The normal caution and common sense that you would use anywhere. It is paradise, but no place is perfect.

Stuff not to bring: Cares & worries.



Cordobas AND Dollars are both accepted in Nicaragua, including Little Corn. When using US currency, smaller bills are most welcome at locally owned shops, and many vendors do not accept currency if they have even small tears in them (It’s a Nica thing). There is no ATM on Little Corn, but there is a bank and ATM on the bigger island. Some businesses accept credit cards on the island, and some only accept cash.
Tranquilo Cafe, and a couple of other island restaurants, will do cash-back with Visa and Mastercard.

Travel Insurance
The best way to protect yourself from unforeseeable circumstances is to purchase trip insurance. Travel insurance can protect you in case of:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Unforseen circumstances: weather, natural disaster, or travel companions
  • Lost luggage
  • Medical emergencies, including the cost of repatriation should you become ill or injured

One reputable company is
Some credit cards companies offer travel insurance through the card you use to book your trip, so be sure to check with them as well.

Activities on Little Corn:

 There is lots to do during your stay here in paradise. We’ll be happy to help you organize when you arrive.


Yoga & Massage

Funk Yoga & SUP Co.: Located in the heart of town, Funk offers classes on both the land and sea! With two radical and funky instructors, you can enjoy a soul powered yoga class and wind down with a fusion massage after. And you received discounted classes and massage while staying here at Sunshine. Contact Funk directly for specific information regarding yoga, massage and so much more!
The Karma Shack: Located on the east side of the island, the Karma Shack was the first holistic yoga and massage studio found in 2010 by a Dutch lady named Leo. She offers a range of classes, including energy balancing treatments, emotional freedom techniques and meditation. Contact the Karma Shack directly for more details about your next self care treatment.

Scuba Diving

Dive Little Corn: Try one of Little Corn Island’s best attractions! Offering a wide range of PADI courses from beginner to professional, you can become the next PADI diver. Courses are available in Spanish, English, French and German with a good time guaranteed. And you receive an extra 5% your dive package when staying here with us at Sunshine! Contact Dive Little Corn directly for reservations.
Dolphin Dive: Another reputable dive center on the island offering a wide range of PADI courses from beginner to professional as well. Courses here are only available in English. And you receive an extra 5% your dive package when staying here with us at Sunshine! Contact Dolphin DIve directly for reservations


Paradise Tours: Out of the many snorkel guides on the island we love sending our guests to Paradise Tours. The team at Paradise Tours offers great gear, expertise and maintains a level of respect for our marine environment. Either reserve directly at Paradise Tours, located just past Tranquilo, or have you hotel managers make a reservation for you.
Adam & the Sea Dragon: When snorkeling with Adam’s team, you will be in the capable hands of a solid team with respect for their ocean environment. Let your hotel managers know if you would like a snorkeling tour, typically leaving at 9am, 11am and 3:30pm.

Paddle Boarding
Paradise Tours: Located just past Tranquilo in town, Kurt and Byron, two of the nicest (and funniest) guys on the island, offer snorkeling tours and paddle boards when available. Sign up for your paddle board adventure and explore the sea on your own!
Funk Yoga & SUP Co.: Located in the heart of town Funk offers paddle boards for your next adventure as well as paddle board yoga, a must try! Contact them directly for more information. 

Fishing & Fly Fishing

Alfonso: Alfonso offers deep sea fishing with either bottom line or troll fishing. He also uses live bait to ensure a catch! Alfonso can also help make arrangements to cook your fish too!
Elvis: Elvis is always ready to get you your next big fish. Make sure to ask him to organize a dinner after to serve it up for you as well.
Fly Fishing with Brandon:  If you are interested with fly fishing, ask us and we will get you hooked up with the pros who fly fish the beaches of little corn. 

Kite Surfing

Kite Little Corn: When the winds are right, you can find Nacho on the east side of the island enjoying the surf and teaching others how to as well. Contact Kite Little Corn directly for more information about instruction and kite surfing.

Other Activities:

Hiking:  Though a tiny island, there are some adventures worth checking out! Ask your hotel managers about the hidden coves, the lighthouse tower and more!
Movie Theater:  The one and only movie theater from the Caribbean coast to the Corn Islands. Located in Sunshine Hotel next to the Spotlight Cafe. Featuring movies, sports and more! Ask the hotel managers for what is showing during your stay.
Baseball: If you’re lucky enough to come during baseball season, catch a Sunday game at the islands small-town baseball stadium.

Along with plenty of free activities like laying in a hammock, swimming, sunning, and dancing under the stars…

Dining and Drinks

Spotlight Cafe: The newly opened Spotlight Cafe is located upstairs at Sunshine Hotel. We offer a variety of soups, protein salads and sandwiches. Not to mention homemade ice cream and other baked goods! Come check us out during your stay.
Tranquilo Cafe: Tranquilo is located in the center of the village and always has something going on. Delicious North American inspired menu, great service, different activities at night, a stellar happy hour (5-7pm) with many cocktail and beer specials, and great sunset watching with fellow travelers. Tuesday nights are Pub Quiz Trivia, Wednesday nights they feature the cultural Garifuna drumming and dancing group Garifuna Wagia!, and Saturday nights, they have a live DJ, and dancing on their beachfront deck. Check their signboard for live music events as well. Be sure to make a stop in Tranquilo and enjoy the island vibes.
Desideri Cafe: On the nicer end, Desideri offers Italian cuisine with an island fusion. With fresh ingredients, good service and and live music appearances, it is a must see while visiting.
Beach Bar: Locally owned and run, BeachBar offers some laidback island vibes, good happy hour deals and also a great spot to catch the sunset. Be sure to swing through while on the island.
Ms Brigette’s: Hands down, the best local food on the island. You absolutely must visit for the freshest, fish, lobster and rondon. If you don’t know, now you know.
Rosa’s & El Bosque: Located right next to each other, for the cheapest breakfast on the island, swing by Rosa’s or El Bosque for various 100 cordoba options. Be sure to check their locally styled dinner items as well.
The Turned Turtle: Located on the east side of the island, inside Little Corn Beach & Bungalow, The Turned Turtle offers the best pina colada you’ll ever have and 4 course meals as well with breezy beach side views.